Monday, July 9, 2012

Tool 8 of 11 Tools

It would certainly help to know which devices were going where. Our school already has COWs with the Mac Laptops and Dell Notebooks. Some of our class rooms have 6 of the Dell Notebooks and I think there might even be a classroom or two with the iPads. I prefer the iPads over the Dell Notebooks.  Some of our Math classes tried to use the Notebooks, but the print is so small that the students have trouble seeing the mathematical symbols.  The iPads are awesome and I think the students would appreciate how easy they are to use.  I am excited to have the students possibly create a video of sorts using the two-way camera on the iPad. I am going to post the classroom rules for using and handling the classroom electronics. Most importantly, the students will be arranged in groups so the students will need to sit with their team and not wander around the classroom.  The sound will need to be turned down or off so that the students can hear each other and not a favorite video. It is also important, in the beginning, to give the students a timeline for any projects.  Even allowing the students to change the font in a presentation opens up a door that you don't want to go through.  My students will spend two or three days just picking out the font they like (typically one that is very difficult to read) and what size and color they like. There has to be specific classroom rules that are introduced at the beginning of the school year and then maintained throughout the year. The rules should be simple and specific.  By the time I get the students, they are old enough and experienced enough to know how to behave on computer; it is just a matter of showing the kids that the teacher is just a savvy .

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