Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tool 7 of 11 Tools

Collaborative learning.....great idea. Everyone is talking about it...too bad for the kids who are disenfranchised ... you know the would be those kids who are living in shelters or crammed with other family member (all 16 of them) into a two bedroom apartment. Those would be the kids that are worrying about when or what they will be eating later that day or tomorrow. Right....those are the kids who don't have computers at home let alone internet service.  With that in mind, a collaborate project that I would like my kids to join would be one with children of a similar economic and social environment. Having said that... the other classroom  would also have to have little access to personal computers or the internet. Due to time constraints and equipment, I would have the two classrooms communicate over a 6 weeks period discussing an issue or event that the students identify. A current event provides a great opportunity for language development to support our ESL students. The two classroom could take turns over identifying an essential question for the other class. Then, once a week the students could present a response on Edmodo or, if time permits, Skype. I think the issues should be real and relevant for the students. I think that there is also a lot to be said for writing so if need be the students can take pen to paper. I just don't want the lesson to me one more experience of useless application. If time zones are an issue, I thinks Edmodo would be the best bet.

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  1. Great idea. I think getting students to share with other students outside their class is a great way for them to see views of other students.