Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tool 5 on 11 Tools

This tool took some time because I started this particular Tool using a Mac. Some of the 'tools' don't like Macs so this Tool was a bit tedious. Also I didn't particularly like having to register for all the different sites and I think I have already spend tons of my own money on my classes. As such, I will not even consider some of these web sites. I believe it is time for SBISD to pony up for some of our expenses. To wit, I don't know what anyone else has as a work load or how much anyone else is tested, but I don't have time to play with computers if I am going to successfully cover all of my content. The kids already have enough 'computer' play time. Don't get me started....time and need and computer accessiblity determine the lengh and depth of student computer assignments. Are there any spelling or writing or vocabulary sites for history??? Not! I have time for these two tools only because they can be done in one class period and then oops...the COW is needed for the next six weeks so kids can write a personal story in another class. The trading card under Big Huge Lab was used to make a review card for Elizabeth Cady Stanton. I used Wordle for the Preamble.

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