Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tool 4 on 11 Tools

I have found Google Docs to be very easy. My school  also uses Docs for specific groups and for particular needs. I love the fact that I can access Google Docs any where and any time. I also love Picasa...I have had to turn in broken phones, locate lost phones (never found), upgraded old phones, and rescue a phone that couldn't swim.....and I've never lost a picture or video cause they can all be found on Picasa!  Google Maps and Google Earth are excellent for class room use and students enjoy the challenges.
My vote: Two Very Strong Thumbs-up for Google. I just wish our school would stick with Google (including student email) and let our students gets comfortable with all of the options instead of insisting that we reinvent the wheel with other web sites because someone else on campus likes a different program. So much potential with Google!

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