Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tool 3 on 11 Tools

For starters I use Discovery Education, Teacher Tube and You Tube on  a regular basis. I'm sure that my students are more adept at posting on You Tube than most teachers in my building. However copyright use or abuse is much more of a pressing issue for my kids since they will be heading off to high school and then hopefully college. I definitely need to work on a lesson(s) that deals with copyright and bibliographies because apparently discovering a video on You Tube invokes the "I found it first"  rule of ownership for my students. While we are on the subject, here's another thought: no offense, but I plan to use the video for Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education in my class as an example of what not to do when making a video ... too busy, too noisy and a good example of the "because I like it, so will every one else" school of media.  
In any case.... I have a dropbox and I'm working very hard to catch up to teachers from other districts. Finally, I couldn't live without YouTube, Discovery Education, The History  Channel...
here are a few examples of the type of material: 

Good Luck!

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