Friday, June 8, 2012

Tool 2 on 11 Tools

Okay, this one was slightly confusing. After reading this post (and that took some time...), I'm not completely clear on what it is we are suppose to do...hmmmmmmm. I checked out Diigo (interesting) and I already have Google Reader. I joined and add another educator web site that looks very enlightening, so I can't wait to have fun with that one. Another site that I found intriguing is one that you mentioned: . But, again I need time to check this one out.
My fear, again, with looking at all the options available is that.... I am going to spend an inordinate amount of time perusing all the offerings available on the internet.  Also, I think that inherent in many of the sites is the premise that people have an inordinate amount of time to float around the internet reading about what other people are doing on the web. I think that's great. I now vote that we extend each day to 48 hours long as opposed to 24.


  1. The advice I can offer you is select one or two depending on how what they are asking for and go with it. On the sites, I picked to few to follow.

  2. IF you need help, I will be at the school on July 19 from 9-1 holding a HELP session.