Friday, May 7, 2010

T3 Class on going May 7th

Okay, more thoughts...need to link my Blog here with my Blog on the Spring Branch Wiki site. Notes to self again:
1. to embed a url link on my wiki and blog: type a title/phrase/word or maybe a picture/symbol
2. highlight said picture or phrase
3. go to the web page (open another page) and highlight the url address/Edit > copy
4. go back to the wiki or blog and Edit > paste over the highlighted phrase or picture
More notes:
1. the pencil on the wiki or blog is the "edit" button
2. you gotta save it to use it
3. Just so you don't forget the url from the Spring Branch wiki is: (do not use 'www' in this address cause it won't work.)
Okay, come up for air now! I still need to link my other blog...

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