Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thing #13

I remember when we had to submit a list of four names of our favorite websites at work so that the tech person would them to Delicious. I just didn't understand why...what was Delicious? Well, the video was very imformative. Makes sense to organize try all the info that we find on the web. There are so many times where I am just browzing and I'll find something that I know I could really use in class. Unfortunately, that information is usually just lost because I don't remember having see it by the time I'm covering that content. So, in essence , these sites also serve as my memory.
Of the sites that I checked out, I actually like Digg the best. At least I think I do. I set up an account and I'm going to start tagging sites. The video made it look easy so we shall see. I am really excited about using this to organize information for my U.S. History classes. (And my Language Arts classes too!) I would like to use this type of website for research and reteach. Anyway, I figure that if I don't like Digg, I can always go to Delicious. Or I may just set up another account just to be used for my students.

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