Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thing #12

I agree that : 1) it is important to comment on blogs if its about something that really interests you or is pertinent to you and 2) your comments should be just as good/complete/descriptive as the blog to which your are responding. I like what cwhite had to say on his comment: in the beginning blogging to is a little like staring at your navel : )! Couldn't have said it I think humor is definitely something that should be added, if appropriate, to comments. I hate comments that just say "Great Idea" or "Awesome Words!" What does that mean? It also reminds me of the early AOL days when everyone wanted to get on the internet and join a group to talk to.....did I say "talk" was more like idiotic ramblings of a social moron! Lord I hope those days are gone...

1 comment:

  1. The commenting component on blogs is useful, but also can become cumbersome. I agree that some comments become ramblings or nothing more than someone's opinion. Many times I see this as way too much information and a way to lose valuable time searching through all the "stuff."